Scott Centric - single handed fly rod

Line Weight : #4 8'6"
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Scott Centric has created a fast single handed fly rod with a lot of feel in it and has thus taken rod making to a whole new level. The entire Centric series delivers stability, quick recovery and distance, without affecting the feel of you as an angler.

This is the most effective fly rod Scott has ever produced. High line speed and tight line arcs are easily created with minimal effort. A rod that appeals to all fly fishermen regardless of experience, these rods are light in the hand, incredibly precise and a joy to cast far with. Casting and mending has never been easier, Scott Centric simply gives you full control.

Scott Centric combines new tapers with a new resin system for increased fiber density and thus reduced weight. Add to that a completely new way of thinking behind the components that redefine functionality, durability and design.


- Top quality cork
- Titanium stripping guides with zirconia inserts
- Low gloss snake gantry
- Turned roll mount with quick lock and micarta inserts- Delrin lock washer
- Hand made in the USA

#4 8'6 - Light, delicate and wonderful to cast with at short to medium distances. This rod forms incredibly tight lines and thus generates high precision even with long leaders .

#4 9' - High line speed and stability with a lot of feel. This is the rod for long thin leaders where precision is absolutely essential. Rod has enough power to flip over nymph rigs and large land bugs, but also the feel to handle thin leaders and small hooks.

#4 10' - Light, responsive and stable, this is the perfect rod for nymphs, dry flies and still water fishing. The rod has a lot of power for long casts in lakes or when wading deep, but also has a sensitivity that protects thin leaders in technical fishing.

#5 9' - Effortless control best describes the Centric #5 9'. This rod easily generates fast and tight loops, but also gentle and open loops. The ability to control the shape of your loops and your line speed makes this a great all round fly rod. This class #5 rod outperforms on almost all techniques and set-ups.

#5 9'6" - When you need a grade #5 rod that is a little more focused on nymph and streamer fishing, this rod with fighting butt is for you. The rod has a sensitive tip with plenty of strength at the bottom to flip over heavier rigs and flies.

#5 10' - The perfect choice for lake fishing. Rod has plenty of power for long casts, this with maintained feel. This rod handles a floating line and a small dry fly as well as it handles a sick line with a streamer on the other end.

#6 9' - Effortless power best describes this grade #6 rod. From large foam flies, to indicator rigs, to streamers, this rod handles it easily and without effort from you the angler.

#6 9' Fighting Butt - Effortless power best describes this grade #6 rod. From large foam flies, to indicator rigs, to streamers, this rod handles it easily and without effort from you the angler. Here with Fighting Butt.

#6 10' -  Full control. This rod feels just as at home among salmon and steelhead as it does in lakes in pursuit of trout and rainbow trout. Rod casts all densities on lines and delivers single-hand spey and roll casts with ease. For a rod that is 10 feet, there is hardly any bounce or imbalance. The line shoots away from this rod with tight line arcs at high speed. A very good choice for your lake fishing.

#7 9' - The ultimate tool for streamers and other big flies when the fish want a solid meal. This rod may be the most fun rod to throw out of the entire rod line. The rod combines lightness, strength and a response that makes it easy to deliver a dream cast.

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