A.Jensen Vector WF - Fly line

Line Weight : #6 / 14.8g
Density: Full Intermediate
Discounted price€65,95


Vector from A.Jensen is a rocket for WF line. It is designed to cast as far as possible, as easily as possible - making it the perfect line for fishing in still waters where distance is a factor.

The block charges quickly, something that helps all throwers, perhaps especially the novice. The shooting line is very thin and gives rise to additional length of the throw. The tapering turns over large heavy flies without problems. All lines have small neat loops at both ends to easily connect the line to leader and backing.

The fly line is two-colored. The two colors give you an indication of when the whole lump is out and it's time to shoot.

The line comes in the following densities:

  • Floating
  • Intermediate, slowly sinking lump, almost a hoover.
  • Full intermediate, same as intermediate, but here the pull line is also intermediate.
  • Sink IV / Float, a sinking blob with floating pushline
Line Weight Pull line Clump Weight Total length
5 17.00 m 10.00 12.5g 27.00 m
6 17.00 m 10.00 14.8g 27.00 m
7 17.00 m 10.00 16.0g 27.00 m
8 17.00 m 10.00 19.0g 27.00 m

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