Guideline 4 Cast WF - Fly line

Line Weight : #4
Density: Float
Discounted price€83,95


4 Cast is an easy-to-cast line at a reasonable price with a well-balanced weight distribution in the lump. Factory-made loop in the front. The lines are available in different models, fully floating or sink tip F/S1, F/S3 or F/S5 with 15 foot long sinking tip.

4 Cast has got its properties from two of Guide's best lines, namely Power Taper and Highwater. When you cast with this line for the first time, you will immediately feel that the concentrated and at the same time well-balanced weight distribution in the lump loads up the rod and delivers superb line control with a smooth and slightly delayed rollover of the tip. This in combination with a tougher wear part to withstand the double pull and which then tapers down to a thin shooting line gives you long casts and precise presentations. 4 Cast is a good choice for those who want an easy-to-cast line with good performance and which works excellently in many different conditions. Factory-made loop in the front.

4 The Cast lines are available as several different models, choose between fully Floating or sink tip F/S1, F/S3 or F/S5. In the sink tip lines, we have combined the powerful shooting properties of the float line with the thinking of Guideline's float/sink Power Taper lumps. These lines give your fishing a new dimension in all conditions. In addition, the risk of spooking the fish is reduced thanks to the 15-foot sinker tip. They have specially developed the tapering to eliminate the problem with the hinge effect that is so common with other sink tip lines. It is a real pleasure to cast and fish with these. Sea anglers love the sick cast length and the taper is wonderful for spey casts. Factory-made loop in the front.

Link class Weight 9.14m Clump length/weight Total Length
WF #3 7 grams 10.4 meters/8 grams 27.5 m / 30 yds
WF #4 8 grams 10.5 meters/10 grams 27.5 m / 30 yds
WF #5 10 grams 10.8 meters/12 grams 27.5 m / 30 yds
WF #6 12 grams 11.1 meters/14 grams 27.5 m / 30 yds
WF #7 14 grams 11.4 meters/16 grams 27.5 m / 30 yds

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