Guideline 4D Multi Tip Body - Shooting Head

head weight: 23g / 360 grains
Density: Float
Discounted price€93,95


The 4D concept consists of three different rear parts with Dual Density and a range of tips with two densities. They have a powerful tapering with head lengths between 5.7 and 7.0 meters. Color-coded loops in the front and ID marking in the back.

Using the know-how Guideline has accumulated over the years with their Triple Density lines, they are now pleased to introduce a brand new Multi Tip concept! It consists of three different rear parts with Dual Density (Double Density Float, Float/Sink 2 and Intermediate/Sink 3) and a new, corresponding row of tips with two densities. The 4D concept rears are based on a Dual Density configuration, which is also found in the floating rear where they have used a "floating" density transition to improve performance and rollover even more than would be possible in a single density.

These rear parts have a powerful tapering with head lengths between 5.7 and 7.0 meters. They complement the Guidelines Compact Multi Tip system well and the 4D concept works superbly with longer rods, they cast bigger flies and enable longer casts. There are seven different weights to choose from; from 20 grams / 310 grains up to 39 grams / 600 grains. (Int / S3 starts at 23 grams / 360 grains.) Power Taper 4D butts are built on their Direct Contact dumb core that only has 6% longitudinal stretch. The 20 and 23 gram models have 32lb cores, while all above have super strong 42lb cores allowing you to fish with confidence even for big salmon and steelhead.

All lines are fitted with colour-coded loops at the front. They also have ID markings on the back for easy identification. They are equipped with the industry's strongest and most reliable small, coated loops. The ropes are produced from environmentally friendly materials and have a durable polyurethane coating with low friction. Backs and tips in the 4D system are sold individually, so you can mix and match to your liking. These tails work great with Guidelines 15 foot T-tips, but will excel when used with their new 4D Double Density tips which have tapers taken from our classic Triple Density lines. The 4D tips are available in 15" and 18" lengths and four different weights from 9 to 14 grams. All in all, there are 7 different tips to choose from; from Dual Density Float to Superfast Sinking S5 / S8.

Model Head Weight Length Float Lenght I/S3 & S3/S5 Sleeve Color
7/8 DH 20g / 310 grains 6.0m Not available Yellow
8/9 DH 23g / 360 grains 6.0m 5.7m / 5.7m Orange
9/10 DH 26g / 400 grains 6.5m 6.2m / 5.7m Green
9/10/11 DH 29g / 450 grains 6.5m 6.2m / 5.7m Green/Blue
10/11 DH 32g / 500 grains 7.0m 6.7m / 6.1m Blue
10/11/12 DH 35g / 540 grains 7.0m 6.7m / 6.1m Blue/Magenta
11/12 DH 39g / 600 grains 7.0m 6.7m / 6.4m Magenta

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