Guideline Bullet 2.0 WF Floating - Fly line

Line Weight : #5
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Guideline Bullet 2.0 has a powerful lump that beats over heavy nymphs and streamers. Made for river, lake and coastal fishing. An excellent fly line for fishing in windy areas and the first choice for single handed salmon and trout fishing with streamers.

Bullet is the first choice for streamer, inshore and river fishing for sea trout and is a bestseller for single handed salmon fishing. This fly line is very little affected by wind and has very good shooting properties, as the name says it goes like a bullet! It is an important feature on the mountain, in larger flowing water or on the coast, places that are often exposed to wind. Despite its moderate lump length, the Bullet 2.0 is still well balanced so that the bow stays intact all the way and does not collapse on long casts. A very effective line that loads the blade well even on short lines and requires minimal air throw before sending it off. You cast far with minimal effort! The Bullet 2.0 is great for spey and underglove casting as well as easy to handle when fishing places with little or no room for backcasting.

The Bullet 2.0 has a lump length of 9.25m and a total length of 30m, an ideal combination for fishing at medium to long distances. The powerful 5.5m front tapering provides uncompromising presentations of flies of all sizes. The belly has the weight concentrated in the back part which makes the line very suitable for spey and underglove casts. The back taper is 1.8m, which is enough for good stability for long overhand throws while it maintains good characteristics for underhand throws. The back tapering transitions into a 3 m long handle line, which provides good wear resistance on the most exposed part of the line and stability in the air during longer casts. The shooting line is thin for minimal friction and good shooting ability. The color of the shooting line goes halfway up the back taper and gives a good indication of how much line you should have outside the rod tip for optimal loading of the blade. Comes with factory fitted eyelet on both ends and ID tag on front.

Colour: Light Sky Blue lump and Sunrise Orange push line. Total length is 30 m in all weight classes.

Model Head Length Head Weight Color Total Length
Bullet 2.0 #5 9.25 m/30 ft 12g / 185 grains Light Sky Blue/Sunrise Orange 30 m / 33 yds
Bullet 2.0 #6 9.25 m/30 ft 14 g / 215 grains Light Sky Blue/Sunrise Orange 30 m / 33 yds
Bullet 2.0 #7 9.25 m/30 ft 16 g / 245 grains Light Sky Blue/Sunrise Orange 30 m / 33 yds
Bullet 2.0 #8 9.25 m/30 ft 18 g / 280 grains Light Sky Blue/Sunrise Orange 30 m / 33 yds
Bullet 2.0 #9 9.25 m/30 ft 20 g / 310 grains Light Sky Blue/Sunrise Orange 30 m / 33 yds

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