Guideline Drifter Kickboat - Belly Boat

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Drifter is a highly buoyant and stable pontoon type float that is easy to manoeuvre. It has two separate flotation elements with dual chambers on each side, as well as an inflatable seat and backrest, all for maximum safety.

Behind the backrest is the mesh base that serves as extra storage space for waterproof backpacks. Drifter has all the necessary details such as carrying straps, D-rings for various equipment and pockets with plenty of storage space. The D-rings are in black anodized metal and the seat has a slip protection at the end. The linen tray is large and sturdy and the attachment sits high for perfect placement. On each side of the outside of the pockets, we have mounted velcro straps that function as rod holders. The color is a combination of grey, black and signal orange.

  • Weight: 8kg.
  • Maximum load: 140kg.
  • When you inflate your Drifter for the first time, the pontoons have a tendency to twist. Do it a little carefully and make sure that the valves are centered in the respective holes.
  • Do not fill valve 1 to the max and then valve 2 to the max. You fill valve 1, which is the middle chamber, so that it feels quite hard. You pump most of the air into valve 2, which is the large main chamber. Do not fill the float ring with more air than you can easily push your finger about 1 cm into the pontoon.
  • When it's hot outside, the air expands and makes the pontoons significantly harder. If you forget your flotation ring on land in the sun, the pontoons can explode. Empty your float ring of at least half of the air if you store it outside in the sun and heat.
  • Dimensions: Width 120 cm, Length 140 cm, Height: 35 cm (pontoons), 45 cm (in the bow) & 60 cm with the seat folded up.

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