Guideline Egor Fluorocarbon 9ft - Tapered leader

Diameter: 5X
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Tapered leaders of fluorocarbon manufactured in the best quality to resist wear and provide maximum knot strength. Delivered in waterproof packaging that protects against UV radiation. Clear color that becomes almost invisible underwater.

Guideline Egor+ tapered leaders of fluorocarbon are manufactured in the same good quality as leader the material on the reel. The strict quality control at the factory ensures the precision and rollover of the tapered leaders s, dedicated to the most discerning trout anglers. The ratio between the butt and the tip creates the conditions for lovely presentations and makes it easy to extend the leader when needed.

The material has a very clear color for low visibility. EGOR+ withstands wear and tear and has a high knot strength. The leaders s are delivered in waterproof packaging that also protects against UV radiation. This means that the material is always of the highest quality. Egor+ is supplied as 9' leaders from 6X-0X (0.128mm-0.285mm) as well as 0.33mm, 0.37mm and 0.39mm.

Dimension Diameter Strenght KG Strenght LBS
7X 0.104 1.09 2.4
6X 0.128 1.64 3.62
5X 0.148 1.95 4.3
4X 0.185 2.84 6.26
3X 0.205 3.43 7.56
2X 0.235 4.44 9.79
1X 0.26 5.14 11,33
0X 0.285 6.6 14.55
01X 0.33 8,17 18.01
02X 0.37 10,19 22.47
03X 0.405 11.59 25,56

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Kristoffer Mårdén

Riktigt bra butik och trevlig personal!

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