Guideline Elevation Brook & TLT - single handed fly rod

Line Weight: #3 7'2"
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Elevation fly rods are groundbreaking as they contain the latest in material and production technology, and are also built with environmentally friendly components. This range of rods is another step towards our goal of more sustainable products and will guide future rod production here at Guideline. We have worked hard on the details of this range to develop a serious environmentally conscious option for all fly anglers. In addition, we have introduced completely new technology and materials that make Elevation a modern modern series that is at the forefront in all areas. New methods of developing blades allow us to monitor durability and action curves in a very precise way. This allows us to eliminate unwanted material in each rod section to make Elevation rods as light as possible without compromising the strength of the blades. The entire series is extremely light, responsive and the most solid rods in this class that we have ever made.

Guideline Elevation Brook 

With the success of our Elevation fly rods, and a great demand for shorter and lighter rods, we are really pleased to be able to add the Elevation Brook to our range. These rods are designed to fit like a glove when fishing streams, small streams and small lakes. After listening carefully to our customers and what was missing, we feel that these three rods really hit the spot. Together with all the eco details from Elevation, we have also chosen to tone it down a little more to create the feeling of a slightly more discreet rod. A fine gray thread that matches the matte finish of the blade perfectly, high quality cork and with the same fine reel attachment as on previous rods.

The action on these rods is so lovely "midflex", which means you have a light and fast top together with a middle part that responds to the small and distinct casting movements you are often forced to make in imagined fishing situations. The curve in the rod is smooth and nice and with increased load from both casting and fish, the rod bends perfectly all the way down to the handle. This action and low line classes allow you to fish with very thin leaders without having to worry about leader being pulled off when the fish makes unexpected and hasty movements. These light rods can also give you a very nice line speed and surprisingly good distance for all conceivable casts. To really be kitted out perfectly for fishing in smaller waters, be sure to test these rods with our new Brook WF. A line that is made together and for these rods!

Elevation Brook 7´2” #3 - 3 pc
This rod will be a clear favorite if you are looking for a rod designed for fishing in streams and small rivers. With its short length of 7'2”, this rod gives you opportunities to cast and present the fly in places you never thought you would go. This super light and fast rod will be a perfect tool for this type of fishing, and is downright fun!

Elevation Brook 8´0” #4 - 3 pc
For those who are looking for a light small rod that can also be used more in larger streams and also for lake fishing, will really like 8 #4. With the little extra length and higher line class this rod has, you get a rod that tackles slightly larger rivers, lakes and a multitude of different line types. But with that said, there is no question that this rod is a pure joy to have with you on the small rivers. The extra length gives you the opportunity to control and manage the line significantly better and you also have the capacity in the rod to actually get quite good distances if needed.

Elevation 7’6” TLT #3/4/5
This is a specialty rod for smaller rivers and flowing water that covers a variety of fishing, casting techniques and line classes. This is designed for the Italian TLT style which includes various special presentation casts performed with light DT lines. The rod is fast and accurate, and you can also use class 4 and 5 lines without problems. A rod perfect for precise and delicate presentations in tight situations with limited casting space and the possibility of big, powerful fish. This rod creates very light lines and can send out flies under the lowest overhanging trees with surgical precision. A practical rod that can handle a wide range of line weights, either WF or DT in #3/4/5 weights, depending on your specific fishing situation.

  • The blades are matte and lightly ground and have a natural gray graphite color with a faint spiral pattern and thin matte varnish, but no added color at any point.Excess graphite dust and particles are collected in their own container before being sent on to treatment plants.
  • Half wells handles made of 3A cork without rubber cork inserts. This reduces the amount of epoxy in the handles.
  • The metal components of the roller mount are "clear anodized" which means they have a surface treatment with no added paint, lead or chrome and is the least toxic way to do it.
  • On all windings we have applied a bio-based epoxy glue with a very low concentration of harmful chemicals. Tested and approved as a product with a low environmental footprint. This provides better working conditions for those who assemble the rods and reduces the risk of health risks to a minimum.
  • All rods have single-legged snake rings with KW line guides that prevent the line from tangling.The rings are stainless steel with a powder coated dark gray finish. Environmental brass the most durable option with good wear resistance without toxic chrome containing lead.
  • The rod case and the outer fabric of the tube are made from recycled polyester supplied by REPREVE™. This is the leading and most trusted producer of textiles made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles).
  • The rod tube is made of recyclable polypropylene (PP) which is lighter and has a 20% smaller diameter than standard PVC tubes. This results in weight and volume savings in shipping at all stages. Polypropylene has very good durability and can be remelted into pellets so that it can be used for new products.
  • All models are 3-part.
Model Lenght Class Weight Parts Handle/reel seat Rec. head weight
Elevation Brook 723 7´2" #3 56 g 3 pc Half wells & wood 7-9g / 110-140 grains
Elevation Brook TLT 7´6" #3/4/5 61 g 3 pc Half wells & wood 7-13g / 110-200 grains
Elevation Brook 804 8´0" #4 63g 3 pc Half wells & wood 8-11g / 123-170 grains

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