Guideline LPX Chrome - Two-handed fly rod

Line Weight : #6/7 12'3"
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Guideline LPX Chrome Two-Handed Fly Rod brings a whole new kind of action, an action you've never felt before that gives you everything you desire. C. A. P M4. 0™ technology gives you an ultra-light blade with phenomenal stability and response.

The entire LPX series from Guideline comes with a completely new type of action and design. The fly rod loads ¾ onto the blade and power develops earlier in the cast, without sacrificing any rod speed. They have a lightness, stability and are responsive in a way that you have never felt before in a rod from Guideline. The LPX Chrome is a powerful two handed fly rod designed for fly fishing for brown trout, salmon, sea trout and steelhead. A premium rod that you rarely see in these price ranges.

The secret behind the distinctive action on the rod is the new C. A. P M4. 0™ technology, an advanced storage of carbon fiber plates creates a truly unique action, which has everything you could want. The action is best described as medium-fast, progressive and with a quick recovery. The top part has great stability for tight lines and the power to lift heavy sink lines. During the cast you simply load the lower parts of the rod, a part that delivers a remarkable kick and catapult effect in the stop, this allows you to make long casts with hardly any power at all. The unique lateral stability that LPX Chrome possesses means that the fly line follows your rod incredibly well as you swing and rotate during the cast. This leads to more precise casts, higher line speed and better line arcs. A truly unique action that will set a standard for all Guideline fly rods to come.

LPX Chrome Two-Handed Fly Rod features a specially designed roller seat and handle with FLOR-grade cork, with rubber inserts for reinforcement to withstand many tough years on the river. The action is adapted to each class and length, this to ensure that you get the best throwing experience in every given situation.

For the 12'3", 12'6" and 12'9" length models, Guidelines Compact 3D+ or 4D Compact Multi Tip . Rods from 13'9" to 15'9 perform best with Guideline 3D+ head ar.

12'3 #6/7 4pc - A really light and small two handed fly rod. Designed for use in small to medium sized rivers when nice presentations after shy fish is key. The rod is strong enough to handle both large fish and flies , but also for different types of lines and casts.

12’6 #7/8 4pc – A class and length that is really growing in popularity. Perfect for small to medium sized rivers, like in Iceland. An ultralight rod with phenomenal stability and response that allows you to fish hour after hour without fatigue.

12’9 #8/9 4pc - This rod shines in small to medium rivers. Perfect for summer days with medium to low water in the river. A fly rod where you really feel everything.

13'9 #9/10 4pc - If you could only pick one rod that can do it all, it's this one. Low weight with high performance, medium fast action and lots of power. Designed to handle all different casting styles and all types of lines as well as flies .

14'9 #10/11 4pc - The perfect tool for spring fishing when the water tends to be cold and high, heavy sink lines and large flies are required. Despite this, you have an extremely light, stable and responsive fly rod. The perfect choice of two handed fly rod for early salmon fishing in Norway.

15’9 #10/11 4pc – THE big cannon. Give me high and cold water - this is not a rod for the beginner. Designed to handle the toughest conditions in the biggest rivers in the world.

Model Length Line Weight Weight Parts Handle front/rear Rec. head weight
LPX Chrome DH 12'3" #6/7 179 g 4 pc 270mm / 115mm
25-27g / 385-420 grains
LPX Chrome DH 12'6" #7/8 184 g 4 pc 295mm / 115mm
28-31g / 430-480 grains
LPX Chrome DH 12'9" #8/9 195 g 4 pc 310mm / 115mm
32-35g / 490-540 grains
LPX Chrome DH 13'9" #9/10 210 g 4 pc 325mm / 115mm
37-40g / 570-620 grains
LPX Chrome DH 14'9" #10/11 249 g 4 pc 360mm / 125mm
43-47g / 660-720 grains
LPX Chrome DH 15'9" #10/11 262 g 4 pc 360mm / 125mm
45-50g / 690-770 grains

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