Guideline LPX Coastal - single handed fly rod

Line Weight : #5 9'3"
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Guideline LPX Coastal is the next generation fly rod for predator and coastal fishing developed with first-class and environmentally friendly components and a more sustainable production method.

Brand new materials, a strong focus on the environment and a new way of thinking to design the ultimate fly rods for saltwater and predator fishing: the Guideline LPX Coastal are truly remarkable both in terms of looks and performance! An uncompromising range of rods made for hardcore streamer fishing for trophy trout, trout hunting along the coast or for your dream trip to tropical destinations. Thanks to the new construction technology, Guideline can make longer rods that still have the same feel as a shorter one. The new materials in combination with C. A. The P design provides very light rods while being able to extend the rod while still maintaining fast acceleration throughout the rod stroke.

The lightness of the blades also reduces wrist fatigue and it feels like a 9-footer when you throw. Overall, the LPX Coastal has the same features as a standard 9ft rod, but with greater reach and all the benefits it brings. The action is fast with quick recovery without recoil. Compared to Guide's previous saltwater models, the LPX Coastal rods are lighter, crisper, livelier and with a slightly deeper action curve. This makes them easier to throw and more tolerant of brute force or excessive wrist movement that we often use "accidentally" when trying to achieve the longest throws.

The new LPX Coastal series is the result of three years of intensive research and detective work to find the best available solutions for both performance and a "greener" technology in every single component and part of the rod. The advanced layup of the carbon fiber fabric in these rods consists of C. A. P-Technology (Complex Axial Pattern) together with a unidirectional graphite structure for maximum strength and low weight. Unidirectional graphite cloth (prepreg) has a type of graphite structure that is non-woven where all fibers run in a single, parallel direction for maximum strength.

In a complex axial pattern (CAP) these prepreg layers are then placed at different angles relative to each other to maximize strength and stability in all directions. The properties and technical specifications of the materials used in these rods are the next level up from those used in our ground-breaking Elevation range. LPX Coastal has spectacular performance and strength despite an incredibly low weight.

    9'3" #5 & #6: The perfect tools for use on calm days on the coast or in sheltered coves where you need to present small shrimp and other smaller flies to shy cruising sea trout. The rod has a nimble and responsive action that casts thin, fine arcs but still handles thinner tips thanks to its sensitive and well-balanced tip.

    9'3 #7 & 9' #8: All-round rod for coastal fishing around Europe. These rods are built to handle bigger flies, more wind and sinking lines as well as shooting heads should the need arise. With their low swing-weight and fine contact between top and bottom, they are a pleasure to cast and fish with during long sessions. The action is fast but with retained feel and loading into the lower third of the blade when required.

    9ft #10 & #12: The two heavier models of the LPX Coastal are ideal for fishing for species such as halibut, pollock and tuna, or for tropical species such as permit, jacks and tarpon. Powerful yet very light, these rods are built to have enough muscle in the bottom section to fight big fish effectively, while maintaining fine casting characteristics through a more tolerant and flexible tip.

    Model Length Line Weight Weight Parts Handles/Rings Rek lump weight
    LPX Coastal 935 9´ 3" #5 90 g 4 pcs Full wells with butt/single leg 11-13g
    LPX Coastal 936 9´ 3" #6 92 g 4 pcs Full wells with butt/single leg 13-15g 
    LPX Coastal 937 9´ 3" #7 94 g 4 pcs Full wells with butt/single leg 17-19g 
    LPX Coastal 908 #8 95 g 4 pcs Full wells with butt/single leg 19-21g 
    LPX Coastal 9010 #10 108 g 4 pcs Full wells with butt/snake 24-26g 
    LPX Coastal 9012 #12 116 g 4 pcs Full wells with butt/snake 31-34g 

    Customer Reviews

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    Alexander Zackrisson Svensson
    LPX Coastal #7

    Grymt spö till kustfisket efter havsöring, använder #7 modellen och den är kanon. Ett lätt och snabbt spö som snabbt skjuter ut linan, även i lite kraftigare vind.

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