Guideline NT11 Salmon & Seatrout - Two-Handed Fly Rod

Line Weight : #7/8 12'9" - 6 pcs
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The Guideline NT11 is the most advanced and sophisticated fly rod ever made by Guideline. This is thanks to a completely new choice of graphite material, the same material that is commonly used in the aviation industry. When this material is applied to a fly rod you get some remarkable effects, the most noticeable of which is the incredibly fast recovery in the blade. The new T1100 graphite gives you a blade that is extremely light and with a high breaking strength, the highest breaking strength of all Guidelines rods, perhaps the highest of all fly rods on the market.

The Guideline NT11 is designed to be a great all-round fly rod for anglers of all skill levels. By treating yourself to an NT11 fly rod, you can expect a fly rod that performs beyond your expectations. The NT11 has a powerful medium-flex action with incredibly fast recovery. The feeling in the top is light, sensitive and stable. This fly rod has a good power transfer to the lower parts of the blade which really comes into play with a little more load and generates an incredible catapult effect.

12'9 #7/8 28-31 gr/430-480 grains

The lightest and shortest rod in the two-handed series. It is pure happiness to fish with this rod in small to medium sized rivers. Spöt can be described as a rod for summer, but spöt is more versatile than that. It handles all types of lines and easily casts a bottom scraper for early spring fishing. Suitable rigs for rods are 3D+/4D. A 4D lump in 20/22 grams together with a 12' or 15' tip in 7 or 9 grams is a great match.

12'9 #8/9 32-35 gr/490-540 grains

In recent years this rod has been Guideline's most popular model. You can understand why, a rod that can handle big fish and big flies. This rod handles the shorter lumps of the 3D+/4D+ Compact or the longer 3D+/4D lumps, it's just a matter of what you prefer and where you fish. 4D Compact Multi Tip in grade #8/9 works perfectly on this rod.

13'9 #8/9 32-35 gr/490-540 grains

An unexpected advantage of the new material choices is how stable the blade became and how quickly it recovered. This became especially evident on the longer models, low swing weight matched with a direct stop on the recovery makes this rod special. A 4D+ compact lump in 25 grams together with a 4D tip in 15'/9 grams is our tip for this rod.

13'9 #9/10 37-41 gr/570-635 grains

Probably the most versatile rod in the series. This NT11 fly rod handles any situation imaginable, heavy sinklines, strong wind, big flies and deep wading are all everyday things for this rod. This rod handles a variety of lines but our favorite is a 4D lump in 29 grams along with a 15' tip in 11 grams.

14'9 #9/10 37-41 gr/570-635 grains

Another slightly longer rod that has benefited greatly with the introduction of the T1100 material. Light and well balanced, this rod will surprise you with its incredible stability and vibration dampening properties. Throw in a 4D chunk with a 15'/11 gram tip and you have a "match made in heaven".

14'9 #10/11 43-47 gr/660-720 grains

The classic rod for big river, big fish and big flies, this rod handles all line densities equally well. The rod has a good connection between tip and butt section. Works great with 3D+ lumps in grade #10/11 or a 4D lump in 32 grams along with an 18'/12 gram tip.

15'9 #10/11 45-50 gr/690-770 grains

The ultimate rod for forcing out long casts in challenging spots, including deep wading and steep slopes behind you. An incredibly light rod, it doesn't take much effort to deliver astonishingly long casts. Throw in a 4D lump for 35 grams and an 18' tip for 12 grams, thank us later. A lot of water and you need to get through the bodies of water? Try a 4D lump in sunken 3/5 with a sunken 4/6 tip.

Line Weight Length Line weights
# 7/8 12'9" 28-31 grams / 430-480 grains 6-pcs
# 8/9 12'9" 32-35 grams / 490-540 grains 6-pcs
# 8/9 13'9" 32-35 grams / 490-540 grains 6-pcs
# 9/10 13'9" 37-41 grams / 570-635 grains 6-pcs
# 9/10 14'9" 37-41 grams / 570-635 grains 6-pcs
# 10/11 14'9" 43-47 grams / 660-720 grains 6-pcs
# 10/11 15'9" 43-47 grams / 660-720 grains 4-pcs

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Stefan Johansson
Guideline NT 11 13,9 #9/10

Suveränt spö. Lätt, lättkastat och långkastande utan ansträngning.

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