Guideline Power Presentation WF Floating - Fly line

Line Weight : #4
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Guideline Power Presentation has a distinct spread to present all types of flies in all weather conditions. The line is tailored for fishing in small and medium-sized streams, but is also a perfect tool in lakes and on the coast when you have little space.

Power Presentation is an easy-to-cast fly line with a powerful roll-over that ensures a good presentation on stretch leader  with all fly types. The line has been specially developed for fishing with larger and heavier flies but will also make the presentation of other fly types easy. The lump length is 9.3 meters and has the weight concentrated in the first 5 meters. This is a line perfect for demanding fishing for shy trout where you have to present the fly upstream with perfect long leaders rollover. Many use multiple flies on the leader , e.g. the nymph and dryfly combination.

Power Presentation with its distinctive tapering is tailored for rigs such as NZ rig, Klink & Dink and more. Balance and weight distribution in the lump also make it much easier to control compared to more traditional WF lines. This is a well balanced and easy to cast fly line suitable for most types of casts and loads the blade effectively with short line off the tip. As most of the weight is in the front of the lump, the Power Presentation mind is suitable for spey and underhand casts, then our Fario lines or Bullet 2.0 are a better choice. For normal nymph and dry fly fishing we recommend our 12ft Power Strike-leaders with a long butt and taper, it calms down the roll over and presents the smaller flies perfectly.

Power Presentation has an overall lump length of 9.3m, front and rear tapers are relatively short measuring 2.2m and 2.0m respectively. The belly is 5.1 meters and is divided into two parts where the first 2 meters have a larger diameter which gives a good overlap of the line. The line has a 3-meter handling line that provides good stability in the air for overhang casting and a durable transition between the lump and the shooting line, which is usually a very vulnerable place for abrasion. The handling line and shooting line have a bright orange color that extends halfway into the back taper and indicates the optimal amount of line that should be kept off the rod tip when casting. Comes with factory fitted loop on both ends and ID tag on the front. Color: Amber Olive with Pale Orange action and firing line. Total length is 27.5 meters / 90 feet in all weight classes.

Model Head Length Head Weight Color Total Length
Power Presentation #4 9.3 m / 30.5 ft 10g / 155 grains Olive / Pale Orange 27.5 m / 30 yds
Power Presentation #5 9.3 m / 30.5 ft 12g / 185 grains Olive / Pale Orange 27.5 m / 30 yds
Power Presentation #6 9.3 m / 30.5 ft 14 g / 215 grains Olive / Pale Orange 27.5 m / 30 yds
Power Presentation #7 9.3 m / 30.5 ft 16 g / 250 grains Olive / Pale Orange 27.5 m / 30 yds

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