Guideline Stoked - Switch Fly Rod

Line Weight : #7/8 11'
Discounted price€279,95


Guideline Stoked Switch sets a new standard for fly rods in this price segment. They contain environmentally friendly components and the latest in materials and production technology.

Stoked swith rods are well balanced, easy to cast and have a medium fast action that is forgiving and tolerates minor casting errors that inexperienced casters often make. The rods are suitable for both Scandi and Skagit casts and handle a wide range of different lump weights and densities to suit both styles. The weight classification for recommended lumps follows the same table as for our twin-head rods. The design of these rods allows you to cast both one-handed and two-handed with them, but they are primarily intended to be cast as two-handed, although the length allows you to use them as one-handed in special situations.

Stoked Switch is a great solution for younger anglers who are in the starting pit of their fly fishing career, shorter rods are much easier to cast with and there is a big difference in swing weight compared to a longer two handed rod. Stoked Switch are fly rods that are created for fishing in small and medium waters. They handle wind, heavy flies and all line densities thanks to powerful action and two-handed rating. The upper part of the handle is 265 mm, while the rear part is 90 mm. The reel mounts are of the "up-locking" model and other components are the same as the other one- and two-handed Stoked rods. They have all been further updated for the 2021 season with more environmentally friendly components.

Stoked 11’ #7/8 Switch
A very good choice for you who want the most versatile class, if this is your first switch rod you should have this! The exception is if you primarily fish somewhat larger rivers for really coarse fish. Easy to handle and responsive action that performs well beyond what you would expect from rods in this price range. If you want to cast on  Scandi technique with regular spey / underhand casts, we recommend the following lumps: 3D + Compact in class # 7/8, 30 grams and 4D Compact Multi Tip (back + tip)  22 grams with 12' / 7gr Tip. For Skagit style or heavier load on the blade for those who like it, we recommend the 4D Compact 25 grams / 385 grains Body + 10' or 12' / 7 grams / 108 grains Tip.

Stoked 11’ #8/9 Switch
Stoked Switch is an affordable entry-level model for this popular fly rod category. The action curve is comfortable, forgiving and completely 'spot on' to handle large flies, heavy lines and tips. This model is made for rivers and wider flowing waters where you need more reach to reach all the fishing spots. For scandi / speykast  we recommend 3D + Compact in 33 grams - # 8/9 or 4D Compact Multi Tip (Body + Tip) in 25 grams back with 12 '/ 7gr tis. For Skagit casting we recommend the 4D Compact Multi Tip 29 grams / 447 grains Body + 10' or 12' / 7 grams / 108 grains Tip.

Model Length Line Weight Weight Parts Back/front handle Rec. weight Scandi Rec. weight Skagit
Stoked SW 1178  11´ #7/8 164g 4 pc 90mm/265mm 27-29 grams 450-480 grains
Stoked SW 1189 11´ #8/9 168g 4 pc 90mm/265mm 29-32 grams 500-530 grains

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