Guideline TSL 2.0 DC Coated - Shooting line

Diameter: 0.031"
Discounted price€55,95


Guideline TSL 2.0 is the next generation of tapered push lines for fly fishermen who prefer a floating push line with coating. It gives a line that is easy to handle, that flows well and that gives an ounce more resistance in the rings which turns over the lump in a nice way.

These are the next generation of tapered push lines for fly fishers that replace a classic floating push line with coating, constructed in the same way as a normal fly line. Guideline TSL 2.0 has a hard and smooth surface of polyurethane which in turn is built on our Direct Contact core which gives excellent feel with a longitudinal stretch of only 6%. The line has a tapered transition towards the lump, which gives extra good wear resistance and helps stabilize the overhang when casting, with maximum line control as a result.

0.028" / 0.70mm, tapered up to 0.031" / 0.80mm. Color Sky Blue. Breaking Strength:  25lbs / 11.3kg. Length 30 m.

0.031" / 0.80mm, tapered up to 0.034" / 0.86mm. Color Pale Sunrise. Breaking strength: 35lbs / 15.8kg. Length 30 m.

0.034" / 0.86mm, tapered up to 0.037" / 0.94mm. Color Pale Apple Green. Breaking strength: 35lbs / 15.8kg. Length 35 m.

The loop closest to the lump is 10 centimeters long which makes it easy to change the lump without having to pull the whole lump through a small loop. With a larger loop, it is easy to thread through the entire coil when changing.


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