Guideline ULS Multi Tip - Shooting Head

Line Weight : #4/5
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Guideline Ultra Light Scandi ULS Multi Tip is a very useful line with a floating tail and replaceable tips so you can easily control how deep you fish.

The Ultra Light Scandi ULS Multi Tip has a floating tip and is available in four different weights, 12g, 14g, 16g and 18g. These weights are for the entire rear section as well as the 10ft/3m replaceable tip included. Both backs and tips have soft, small and flexible loops that are strong and go easily through the rings. ULS Multi Tip is weight-wise suitable for rods in classes 4 – 8. The line has a surprisingly powerful taper that easily turns over even larger flies , despite the lines' relatively low weight. Just remember that the length of the leader must adapt to the size and weight of the fly to work optimally. Which one to choose depends on the recommended head weight of your rod as well as your own weight preferences. As a general guideline for Guidelines fly rods, they say the following: If you want to cast primarily underhand and spey casts, for example, a #5/6 line fits best on a class #5 rod. If you want to cast both underhand/spey and overhand cast, we recommend a rod in class #6 for the same line in class #5/6.

Each line is delivered as a kit with a floating back part and three different tip densities Flow, S2/3 and S6/7. They are packed in a practical mesh case with separate compartments for each part. In total there are five different tips in different densities to choose from and they can all be purchased separately in addition to the three that come with the line when you buy it. The ULS Multi Tip works perfectly with our .028" TSL shooting line for best handling, and for maximum distance we recommend the 35lbs Compline II.

Model Total head length Total head weight Body length Weight body Length tip Weight lace
#4/5 6.8m / 22.3ft 12g / 185 grains 3.8m / 12.46ft 8g / 123 grains 3m / 10ft 4g / 62grains
#5/6 7.0m / 23.0ft 14g / 216 grains 4.0m / 13.12ft 10g / 154 grains 3m / 10ft 4g / 62grains
#6/7 7.0m / 23.0ft 16g / 247 grains 4.0m / 13.12ft 12g / 185 grains 3m / 10ft 4g / 62grains
#7/8 7.5m / 24.5ft 18g / 277 grains 4.5m / 14.75ft 14g / 216 grains 3m / 10ft 4g / 62grains


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