J:son Ultimate Short Shank Dry Fly Hook

Size: #8
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This hook has a short shank designed for dry flies with an extended back body, a common method in J:son flies. The wide hook gap gives you better hooking properties and the razor-sharp tip ensures that the smallest bite results in solid fish.

- Comes in sizes #8 - #24.

- 24 hooks/package

Customer Reviews

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Swedish dry hooks for hex flies

I’ve been using J:son Ultimate Dry fly hooks for hex imitations used in nighttime brown trout fishing for years. I used size 6 which always seemed large, but it hooked up well and kept the pinned, even with a barbless hook. I’m reordering now and will try size 8 and 10.
Picture shows the foam hex fly tied on the size 6 hook. Tail was tied on a needle on which fly line backing was lashed down, then a moose hair tail then the top and bottom foam strips(2mm) tied hopper style. The tail is then slid off the needle and the tail then secured to the hook by tying the fly line backing to the hook shank. The top and bottom foam strips are tied on and a synthetic fiber wing. I also take a small piece of a glow bead and glue it to the wing case for easy tracking in the dark.

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