RIO Elite Metered Shooting Line - Shooting line

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Diameter: 20LB - 0.026"
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RIO Elite Metered Shooting Line is the ultimate shooting line for long casts, better hooking of the fish and more efficient fishing. The pull line is built around an ultra-low stretch core, giving you increased feel and more control.

The line also comes with RIO's "RangeFinder" system, where the color of the line changes every three meters. This makes it easy for you to control the length of your casts and thus fish off the water efficiently.

The shooting line has a short forward taper to stabilize your throws and to maximize the length and control of your throws.

Front & Back Welded Loop: Line has factory made loops on both ends for quick connection to lump and backing.

Connectcore Plus

The next generation of cores, a core that has 30% less stretch than the market standard. This gives you increased feel in the cast, easier to feel the bite, faster hooks and much more control when drilling the fish. Connectcore Plus also gives you a fly line that is radically improved in terms of durability, glide and performance.


Slickcast is the coating that gives your fly line the best glide and durability on the market. A fly line with Slickcast coating gives rise to the least friction ever measured on a fly line.

Range Finder

The line changes color every three meters to easily detect how far your throw went.

Diameter Color
.026"/20lb Orange/Gray
.032"/20lb Orange/Green
.037"/30lb Orange/Blue
.042"/30lb Oranges/Yellows

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