RIO Elite Predator 3D F/H/I WF - Fly line

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Line Weight : WF6 F/H/I
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RIO's Elite Predator is for those occasions where a big fly is the key to success, and the Elite Predator casts them with ease. With a short and powerful front taper with plenty of weight in the front, you will have no problem turning over the very largest flies.

RIO Elite Predator comes in four different densities:

  • Floating (The whole fly line is floating)
  • Floating/Hoover/Intermediate (A floating fly line with 10ft Hoover, followed by 10ft Intermediate. This fishes just below the surface.
  • Floating/Intermediate/Sink3 ( A floating fly line with 10 feet of intermediate, followed by 10 feet of Sink3. This fly line fishes the intermediate water.
  • Floating/Sink5/Sink7 (A floating fly line with 10 feet of Sink5, followed by 10 feet of Sink7. A fly line that gets your flies down deep and fast.

Front & Back Welded Loop: The line has factory made loops on both ends to quickly connect to leader and backing.

EasyID: Each line has a printed ID tag to easily identify it.

Surefire: The line is tri-colored so you always know where you are on the line.


Slickcast is the coating that gives your fly line the best glide and durability on the market. A fly line with Slickcast coating gives rise to the least friction ever measured on a fly line.

Multi Density Control

Multi Density Control is a combination of several different densities in the same line. This gives you a line that sinks smoothly and quickly without losing control of the fly.

Connectcore Plus

The next generation of cores, a core that has 30% less stretch than the market standard. This gives you increased feel in the cast, easier to feel the bite, faster hooks and much more control when drilling the fish. Connectcore Plus also gives you a fly line that is radically improved in terms of durability, glide and performance.

Line Weight Color Density Clump weight Clump length
Total length
WF5 Gray/Camo/Yellow/Beige Float/1ips/2ips 208gr (13.5gm) 36ft (11m)
100ft (30.5m)
WF6 Gray/Camo/Yellow/Beige Float/1ips/2ips 238gr (15.4gm) 36ft (11m)
100ft (30.5m)
WF7 Gray/Camo/Yellow/Beige Float/1ips/2ips 270gr (17.5gm) 34ft (10.4m)
100ft (30.5m)
WF8 Gray/Camo/Yellow/Beige Float/1ips/2ips 316gr (20.5gm) 34ft (10.4m)
100ft (30.5m)
WF9 Gray/Camo/Yellow/Beige Float/1ips/2ips 370gr (24.0gm) 34ft (10.4m)
100ft (30.5m)
WF10 Gray/Camo/Yellow/Beige Float/1ips/2ips 410gr (26.6gm) 32ft (9.8m)
100ft (30.5m)
WF11 Gray/Camo/Yellow/Beige Float/1ips/2ips 475gr (30.8gm) 32ft (9.8m)
100ft (30.5m)


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