RIO Elite Skagit Max Launch - Shooting Head

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head weight: 400 gr
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RIO Skagit Max Launch gives you the power needed to throw big flies and heavy sinking tips more elegantly than ever. The unique weight distribution loads the rod deep for long and powerful casts, while the unique taper generates incredibly tight loops that seamlessly transfer energy to the tip and ultimately the fly. The low stretch of the core gives you incredible levels of sensitivity when casting, but even when the line is in the water, you detect the bite easier, you hook the fish easier and it gives you better control during the drill.

EasyID: Each line has a printed ID tag to easily identify it.

Front & Back Welded Loop: The line has factory made loops on both ends to quickly connect to leader and backing.


ConnectCore is RIO's core with ultra-low stretch, never more than 6%. This gives you a fly line with incredible feel and control.


Slickcast is the coating that gives your fly line the best glide and durability on the market. A fly line with Slickcast coating gives rise to the least friction ever measured on a fly line.

head weight Color head length Density
400gr | 6wt Aqua/Blue 23ft (7m) Float
425gr | 6wt Aqua/Blue 23ft (7m) Float
450gr | 6/7wt
Aqua/Blue 23ft (7m) Float
475gr | 7wt Aqua/Blue 23ft (7m) Float
500gr | 7wt Aqua/Blue 23ft (7m) Float
525gr | 7/8wt
Aqua/Blue 23ft (7m) Float
550gr | 8wt Aqua/Blue 23ft (7m) Float
575gr | 8wt Aqua/Blue 24ft (7.3m) Float
600gr | 8/9wt
Aqua/Blue 24ft (7.3m) Float
625gr | 9wt Aqua/Blue 24ft (7.3m) Float
650gr | 9wt Aqua/Blue 25ft (7.6m) Float
675gr | 9/10wt
Aqua/Blue 25ft (7.6m) Float
700gr | 10wt
Aqua/Blue 25ft (7.6m) Float
725gr | 10/11wt
Aqua/Blue 25ft (7.6m) Float
750gr | 11wt
Aqua/Blue 25ft (7.6m) Float

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