RIO Fathom Sinking Lines - Fly line

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Line Weight : WF5
Density: Sink 3
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RIO's Fathom Sinking Lines are a series of sinking lines specially designed for fly fishing in lakes. The line has a short, fast-loading lump that minimizes the number of "false casts" and gives you effortless and long casts. The fly line has a color difference between shooting line and lump to easily identify the optimal position to shoot.

This sinking line is absolutely perfect for your boobie fishing, but of course for other types of fly fishing where you want to fish below the surface.

Density Compensation: Adds a thicker material on the sinking part that ensures the line sinks straight

Front & Back Welded Loops: The line has pre-made factory loops at both ends.


EasyID: Each line has a printed ID tag to easily identify it.

Hang Marker: An approximately 2.5 cm long marker that indicates when the drop line ends.

Extreme Slickness

Extreme Slickness technology is a chemical solution that gives your fly line better glide and dirt-repellent properties.

Color Decline Line Weight Clump weight 30' Clump length Total length
Black/Blue 3ips WF5S3 172gr (11.2gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Blue 3ips WF6S3 198gr (12.8gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Blue 3ips WF7S3 224gr (14.5gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Blue 3ips WF8S3 260gr (16.8gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Maroon 5ips WF5S5 172gr (11.2gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Maroon 5ips WF6S5 198gr (12.8gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Maroon 5ips WF7S5 224gr (14.5gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Maroon 5ips WF8S5 260gr (16.8gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Green 6ips WF5S6 172gr (11.2gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Green 6ips WF6S6 198gr (12.8gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Green 7ips WF7S6 224gr (14.5gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Green 6ips WF8S6 260gr (16.8gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Gray 7ips WF6S7 198gr (12.8gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Gray 7ips WF7S7 224gr (14.5gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)
Black/Gray 7ips WF8S7 260gr (16.8gm) 35ft (10.7m) 105ft (32m)

Customer Reviews

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Hans-Åke Lindqvist

Har just provat sjunklinan.
Fångade en regnbåge på andra kastet med hjälp av den och en booby.
Jag hade hört att det kan vara svårt att kasta med sjunklina, men jag tyckte det gick utmärkt med denna.

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