Sage Igniter - single handed fly rod

Line Weight : #4 9'0"
Discounted price€1.259,95


The Sage Igniter is a fly rod designed to handle the most technical conditions. It is a tool for the most demanding fishing conditions, when the wind is strong, when you need to cast far or when you have heavy lines and large flies.

Igniter is equipped with a tapering that gives high speed on the line and enables long-distance casts with sharpness and precision in windy conditions. This makes the rod perfect for fishing with streamers, with heavy sink tips or for covering large areas when conditions get tough. If you have the will, Igniter will lead the way.

Igniter is built to be fast and aggressive from top to bottom and designed to handle even the toughest crosswinds and deliver the fly in the most technical conditions.

With the highest stability throughout the rod, you can cast far and reach the fish from far away while maintaining the highest possible control and precision. If you have a troublesome trout that won't let you get within 15 meters, you need a floating line with a long tip to be able to present the fly from a distance with delicacy. The powerful design of the Igniter makes it possible to effectively cast such a long line to land the smallest dry fly with care from a distance.

The Igniter is truly the Ferrari of fly rods and is the most powerful rod that Sage has produced. Whether you need to tackle strong winds in pursuit of sea trout or deliver a fine presentation when the fish is 25 meters away, the Igniter is designed to ensure your fly reaches its target.

  • KonneticHD Technology
  • Chipotle colored blade
  • Ceramic Fuji Line Guides and Snake Guides
  • Upward locking roller mount
  • Black aluminum tube with Sage emblem
Line Weight Length Handle Color Parts Weight
4WT 9'0" Default Handle Chipotle 4 2 13/16oz
5WT 9'0" Default Handle Chipotle 4 2 15/16oz
6WT 9'0" Default Handle Chipotle 4 3oz
6WT 9'0" Fighting Butt Handle Chipotle 4 3 1/8oz
6WT 9'6" Fighting Butt Handle Chipotle 4 3 3/16oz
7WT 10'0" Fighting Butt Handle Chipotle 4 3 15/16oz
7WT 9'0" Fighting Butt Handle Chipotle 4 3 7/16oz
8WT 9'0" Fighting Butt Handle Chipotle 4 3 13/16oz
9WT 9'0" Fighting Butt Handle Chipotle 4 4oz
10WT 9'0" Fighting Butt Handle Chipotle 4 4 1/8oz



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