Sage Spey II - Fly Reel

Line Weight: #5/6/7
choose colour: Black
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Sage Spey II fly reeln is the result of 40 years of design, fishing and thinking, combined with our abiding passion for Spey fishing for anadromous species. During that period we have seen - and in many cases driven - innovations in the world of Spey in real time: material advances, rod and line developments, evolutions in fishing and casting techniques and the discovery of new fishing waters. As a result of all these years of experience and accumulated knowledge, we have established the very specific requirements that modern two-handed anglers place on their reels. We have taken this information and applied it to the new Sage Spey II fly reeln.

Internally, Spey II reels use a re-engineered, sealed carbon disc brake and double-click brake system that ensures reliability, eliminates unwanted spool movement and offers exceptional resonance. Mass and balance received equal attention in our design process as we updated the model sizes to better align with matching Spey rods and adjusted the location of the reel foot to provide uniform axial balance with the rod. A full-frame design eliminates the possibility of the shooting line slipping between spool and frame, while a machined radius around the reel foot allows for convenient storage of leader, tip or tippet. The package is completed with a classic and elegant aesthetic.

The Sage Spey II is built on the foundation of our long-standing Sealed Carbon System (SCS) and was enhanced with two key elements: newly formulated O-ring seals and custom double clickers. The brake system is sealed with our new and proprietary O-rings, which are designed to withstand greater compression. This ensures a stronger seal while resisting wear and fatigue. We also re-engineered the clicker system by adding a second clicker. In addition to increased reinforcement and improved durability, the double clicker system also limits free spool rotation, so the line does not wind itself up during casting. SPEY reels' One-Revolution Drag Knob features twenty numbered half-notch drag settings, allowing for precise, consistent and replicable drag settings that can be returned to again and again.

The frame and spool designs of the SPEY reels focus on the balance of the Spey system as a whole and also the unique lines and rigs used in fishing. The placement and amount of reel porting (or lack thereof) is strategic and results in an overall weight suitable for longer Spey rods. Additionally, we adjusted the location of the roller foot from an exact central position to better align with the rollers' center of gravity. When processing the roller foot, we included rounded edges; this prevents any twisting, memory or damage to the leaderen, tip or tippet. Crank direction is also easily changed by changing the side of the clutch bearing.

Color Line Weight Capacity
Black #5/6/7 150yds/20lb + 550gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL
Granite #5/6/7 150yds/20lb + 550gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL
Black #6/7/8 150yds/30lb + 600gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL
Granite #6/7/8 150yds/30lb + 600gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL
Black #8/9/10 200yds/30lb + 725gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL
Granite #8/9/10 200yds/30lb + 725gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL

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