Scott Swing - single handed fly rod

Line Weight: 9'8'' #7 4-pc
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To catch steelhead and salmon you need to sweep the fly at the right angle, the right depth and at the right speed. The right rod can help solve that conundrum. The right rod is the Scott Swing.

But these are fish that require thousands of casts, so preference also plays a big role. You can fish the same fish in the same water with one-handed, short two-handed or very long rods. You can use floating line, sinking line, dryflies, tubeflies, traditional swing, riffle hitch, nymph and indicator. Long head, Skagit, Scandi. The variations are endless. We get it, so Scott has created a range of rods to satisfy all your preferences.

Scott Swing rods were carefully developed and are loaded with technology and a great attention to detail.

Fished and tested by professional fly fishermen and experienced casters from Alaska to Chile and from Canada to Norway. We left nothing to chance to ensure that each rod was fine-tuned for its intended purpose.

Swing rods have a progressive action, fast recovery speed, directional stability and a light feel in the hand. Breakthrough components include new titanium cable guides that are completely tangle-free.

Like all Scott fly rods, Swing rods are handcrafted, one at a time, in Montrose, Colorado.

Line Weight Length Parts
7 9' 8" 4
8 9' 8" 4
4 11' 8" 4
6 11' 8" 4
6 12' 8" 4
7 12' 8" 4
8 12' 8" 4
10 12' 8" 4
7 13' 8" 4
9 13' 8" 4
10 14' 8" 4
9 14' 1" 4
10 15' 1" 4
10 16' 1" 4

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