Whiting Red Label DryFly - Bronze Grade

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Whiting Red Label DryFly is a very good neck for your dry flies. On this neck you will find springs suitable for hooks in sizes #8 - #24. The neck contains many and long feathers with a soft and flexible hackle stem and a fine luster in the color.

Whiting has for generations bred birds with fly tying in mind. The result of this is material of the absolute highest quality.

Saddles & Necks from Whiting are graded according to the following scale:

- Platinium Grade: Beyond perfect, very rare and sought after.

- Gold Grade: Extremely good quality, incredible number of feathers of absolute best quality.

- Silver Grade: The absolute majority of springs are of the same quality as above.

- Bronze grade: The standard grade, very many feathers and the vast majority of very good quality.

- Pro Grade: The lowest grade according to Whiting's list. BUT, it should be added that these springs still maintain an incredibly good quality.

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